/læʃ / (say lash)

1. the flexible part of a whip; the piece of cord or the like forming the extremity of a whip.
2. a swift stroke or blow, with a whip, etc., as a punishment: sentenced to fifty lashes.
3. a sharp stroke given to the feelings, etc., as of censure or satire.
4. a swift dashing or sweeping movement; a switch: a lash of an animal's tail.
5. a violent beating or impact, as of waves, rain, etc., against something.
6. an eyelash.
7. Colloquial
a. (taboo) an act of sexual intercourse.
b. anything which thrills or pleases.
8. Obsolete Colloquial brawling; fighting.
verb (t)
9. to strike or beat, now usually with a whip or something slender and flexible.
10. to beat violently or sharply against.
11. to drive by strokes of a whip or the like.
12. to dash, fling, or switch suddenly and swiftly.
13. to assail severely with words, as by censure or satire.
verb (i)
14. to move suddenly and swiftly; rush, dash, or flash.
15. have a lash at, Colloquial to attempt.
16. lash out,
a. (sometimes followed by at) to strike out vigorously, as with a weapon, whip, or the like.
b. (sometimes followed by at) to burst into violent action or speech: *Bunny had lashed out at the infringement of the First Amendment –sumner locke elliott, 1981.
c. to spend money freely.
{Middle English lassh; origin obscure}
lasher, noun
/læʃ / (say lash)

verb (t)
to bind or fasten with a rope, cord, or the like.
{? nautical use of lash1}
lasher, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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